Good governance / Money in politics


Questions for Dubravka Šuica that she needs to answer

Before Dubravka Šuica takes over the duty as a vice-president of European Commission and becomes commissioner for demography and democracy, Gong finds crucial that she comes forward about the content of her mandate. During hearings of candidates for EU Commissioners Ms Šuica should be asked these questions:


Ads are not labeled as political, and some don't even appear

The election campaign for the European Parliament in 2019 was the first election campaign in which we have had a somewhat better insight into a political advertisement on social media, especially on Facebook. In accordance to the promise of increasing transparency in advertising which Facebook has given to the European Union, the campaign has provided the public several tools for better understanding of targeted political ads. However, these tools are new, some of the policies are practised inconsistently and it is not quite clear what are the consequences for those who don't follow the advertising rules.


On financing campaigns and referenda: The Government and the Parliament are (again) unenthusiastic

In order to invalidate to the largest extent possible the rule that elections are won with „one third above and two thirds below the table“, GONG is appealing to the Government and the Parliament that, before their dissolution, they pass a long awaited and improved Act on Referenda, and to make the most of the last opportunity before the elections to incorporate better ways to increase transparency of election and referendum campaigns.


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