Good governance / Local authorities


Whose government is the most transparent one? LOTUS 2011/12 Research Results

From September 2011 to February 2012, GONG conducted the second round of research focused on transparency and openness of local and regional self-government. The research was carried out in cooperation with the Association of Cities of the Republic of Croatia, including each of the 576 units of local and regional self-government. The aim was to determine the present situation in cities and municipalities in terms of the progress made in comparison to the results of the previous round of research in transparency and openness towards the citizens, cooperation with civil society organisations and functioning of the local self-government.


One sixth of towns and municipalities meet transparency criteria

Only 16 percent out of a total of 556 cities, towns and municipalities in Croatia satisfy criteria of transparency, openness and responsibility in their treatment of residents and other groups concerned, and the city of Rijeka has earned the highest mark, 8.8 with the top mark being 10, according to findings of a survey conducted in March and April.


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