Electoral system / Referendum


The Constitution and the electoral laws as toys in the hands of Constitutional Court judges

The Constitutional Court reacts late yet again, and changes the rules of the electoral game one minute before it begins, right before the dissolution of the Parliament, when there is nothing to be done to fix the flaws of the legal framework. The decision is politically coloured in favour of the political elite and against legal certainty and the level of citizens’ trust in political institutions and actors, and serves to confuse the public, voters, candidates, media, as well as the institutions entrusted with the execution of the elections.  The impression left is that the decision was made with the upcoming re-election of the Constitutional Court judges in mind.


On financing campaigns and referenda: The Government and the Parliament are (again) unenthusiastic

In order to invalidate to the largest extent possible the rule that elections are won with „one third above and two thirds below the table“, GONG is appealing to the Government and the Parliament that, before their dissolution, they pass a long awaited and improved Act on Referenda, and to make the most of the last opportunity before the elections to incorporate better ways to increase transparency of election and referendum campaigns.


"Referendum on referendums" initiative collects 315,000 signatures

A group of 15 trade unions and seven civil society organisations calling for "a referendum on referendums" have so far collected 315,000 signatures for their petition, the group's coordinators said at a press conference in Zagreb on Thursday, appealing to the public to support their initiative over the remaining three days in order to "save direct democracy".


Referendum initiative submits two questions to Constitutional Court

The "Pro Referendum" civic initiative submitted two referendum questions to the Constitutional Court on Monday for evaluation, which it intends to raise - that signatures for referendums can be collected at any appropriate place, as is the case now, and that referendums can be called if requested by 200,000 voters or five percent of all registered voters and not 10% as is the case now.


New civil initiative to call a referendum on referendums

"A referendum with fewer signatures and more petition sites" - this is the message of a new civil initiative by 15 unions and seven civil society organisations to launch the collection of signatures for a new referendum so as to ensure that signatures continue to be collected in public places and that the number of signatures required to call a referendum be reduced to 200,000.


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