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Many challenges lie ahead of Croatia in the struggle for democracy and respect for human rights

With Croatia's accession, the European Union is getting a member who brings an authentic, added value – its recent experience of the war as well as social, political and economic transition. New opportunities arise for Croatia, primarily its young, educated professionals that could have barely been dreamed of by previous generations. Yet, on the day of Croatia's entry to the EU, many Croatian citizens see themselves more easily as losers of all the changes, accompanied by numerous injustices that took place over the past two decades.  Many challenges lie ahead of us in our struggle for democracy and respect for human rights and we should never forget the imperative of solidarity with all victims of war, violence and transition.


What are the Achilles' heels of the Government?

At the presentation of the Civil Society Assessment Report of the Croatian Government Performance in view of 112 Requests (excerpt from the Report is available here) in the House of Human Rights on Wednesday, 6 March 2013, members of Platform 112 warned that the positive improvements to enhance the transparency and openness of the institutions are left in the shadow of the Achilles' heels of the Government - the inconsistency of policy making and implementation.


Platform 112: Čačić should resign

Last week the First Deputy Prime Minister Radimir Čačić was found guilty in court in Hungary, where he was tried for causing a traffic accident in which two people were fatally injured. We are disappointed by recent statements given by the Prime Minister Zoran Milanović that disparaged the Hungarian legal system and relativized the concept of the rule of law. With these public statements he went out of the scope of activities that every prime minister should follow.


Assessment of the new Government by Platform 112

Platform 112 presents assessment regarding the work on these 112 demands during the first quarter of the new government, or symbolically during the first 112 days of its term. Platform 112 is developed by 60 civil-society organisations in Croatia that are continuously working on protection of human rights, democratisation, peace-building, combating corruption, and protecting public resources, especially the environment. In addition to our general assessment, with highlighted main positive steps and oversights, and we also reflect on positive and negative shifts in particular in the thematic spheres of Platform 112.


Joint opinion of Croatian Civil Society Organizations on Chapter 23

On Wednesday, February 16, the Joint Opinion was delivered to the European Commission, EU Parliament members, embassies and parliamentary boards for foreign policy of EU member states. The Opinion was written in English due to a short deadline for delivery set by the EU Delegation in the Republic of Croatia, but was translated to Croatian immediately afterwards.


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