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Ukrainian civil organisations seek intl. support in Zagreb

Representatives of Ukrainian civil organisations said in Zagreb that they urgently needed international support to put more pressure on the authorities to document the serious human rights violations there.

Human rights Advocacy

Solidarity in the institutions and parks of Brussels

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) voted unanimously in favour of a resolution on the current refugee crisis, expressing a common concern on part of representatives of employers, trade unions and civil society organisations across the EU.


Stable financial mechanisms are a new impulse that drives the EU

The European Economic and Social Committee organised a round table „The role of Cooperative Banks“ in the House of Europe in Zagreb on September 11, with the aim of representing the concepts and models of cooperative ethical banks. New financial perspective and EU strategies for social entrepreneurship were presented by Carlos Trias Pinto from EESC, Fabio Salviato from FEBEA, Katarina Ivanković Knežević from Ministry of labour and pension system and Goran Jeras from ethical bank and Cooperative for ethical financing, with Marina Škrabalo from GONG as moderator.


Where did the European values disappear?

Centre for Peace Studies (CMS), Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity (CROSOL), Association of Croatian Trade Unions, Group 22 and Centre for Labour studies, are expressing deep concern over the serious threat to the fundamental European values of democracy, solidarity, social justice and human rights protection in the case of the current Greek debt crisis. These values are not threatened by marginal groups, extremists or an "external enemy", but rather by the major European institutions that are relentlessly imposing a policy of cuts and sale of key national resources in exchange for facilitating debt repayment to creditors. Thereby, CMS, CROSOL, Association of Croatian Trade Unions, Group 22 and the Centre for Labour Studies are joining the strong criticism voiced by civil society organizations across the EU (SOLIDAR network and the Alter Summit petition), addressed to EU institutions which are turning the Greek debt crisis into a crisis of European democracy.


Social dialogue in Norway and Croatia

The conference "Norway and Croatia: Partners in Economic and Social Development", organised by the Norwegian embassy in Zagreb on Monday, brought together Croatian government officials, unionists, employers and nongovernmental organisations' activists.


What does the EU consider citizens rights to be?

Democracy „the Hungarian way“ and Russia and Turkey as its role models is being discussed for quite some time now, and it raises conserns among civil society organizations in Europe, especially having in mind recent events in Hungary. Meanwhile, the EU does not have this concerns in mind – they want the new commissioner for DG Education and Culture (DG EAC) to be Tibor Navracsics – member of Fidesz party and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Viktor Orban who advocates for completion of liberal democracy.


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