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DETECT - Enhancing Digital Citizenship

Gong is participating in the implementation of the DETECT - Enhancing Digital Citizenship project, which aims to empower teachers and young people to recognize manipulative publications in social networks and resilience to the effects of disinformative political propaganda.


Share your EU experience with us!

In order to better understand the process of enlargement of the European Union and to intensify discussion on the experiences of the most recent EU member states, GONG, in cooperation with partner organizations, is implementing the EnlargEUrope project.


Why Does the EU Presidency Matter?

The purpose of this online public consultation is to detect the problems and solutions that European active citizens consider critical for the democratic and sustainable development of the EU and protection of the European values over the upcoming two years of the new EU presidency.

You can take part in the public consultation HERE, through the online consultations civil society platform SAVJETODAVNA, where you can comment thematic policy briefs related to the following EU's hot issues: Post-Brexit EU, EU's Budget 2021-27 (Multiannual Financial Framework), European Elections 2019 and Beyond, Protecting EU Values, EU's Democratic Governance, European Energy Security and Sustainability,  Digital Single Market and  EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans. While there is no separate thematic brief on migration management, the issue is partially covered in the EU Value Protection policy brief. All contributions are most welcome!

This public consultation has been launched by Croatian civil society organisations Gong and CROSOL – Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity in cooperation with SOLIDARNA Foundation and is open until October 5, 2018.

Public consultation results will serve as a basis for agreement on common advocacy and awareness raising agenda of the Croatian, Romanian and Finnish civil society organizations, in collaboration with their counterparts throughout EU and the enlargement countries in the Western Balkans, as well as with EU policy experts and social partners. The results of this public consultation, including online survey results, will be publicly presented on October 9, 2018 in Zagreb, at the international conference "The Role of EU Presidency in protecting the European values", co-organized by Gong and CROSOL.


Professional teacher training on EU topics

More than 20 high school teachers from all parts of Croatia participated in a three-day education course (29.-31.8.2018., Zagreb, Croatia) on the EU topics.


GEAR youth trainings and exchanges in May

GONG and other partner organizations in the GEAR project – including Nansen Dialogue Centre from Osijek, CIVES from Spain, Mirovni inštitut from Slovenia, GSI Italia from Italy and Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje from Macedonia – held a series of youth trainings , exchanges and workshops in Jezerčica and Osijek.


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