Gong's finances

Gong drafts projects and programs, enlisting them to tenders and public calls by international institutions (European Commission, for instance), foreign investors (Open Society, embassies) as well as domestic investors (businesses, local government, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ministries). All approved donations are published in the Annual report. Part of the revenue derives from GRIF - registered accounting of Gong, whose social entrepreneurship surplus accounts for Gong's self-financing activities.

Activity Reports

Gong's finances are transparent, and though it is not our obligation, they annually include fundings, expense reports, donors, etc. on their web-site.

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Independent Auditor's Review for 2015
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Balkan Trust for Democracy

Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Republic of Croatia

European Commission

Gong and GOOD initiative would like to thank the Open Society Foundations Education Support Program for its generous support of the Time 4 GOOD education project.

National Foundation for Civil Society Development - Knowledge Hubs for Social Development

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Rule of Law Program South East Europe - RLP SEE)

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

European Union

Human Resources Development

Structural and Investment Funds

Office for Cooperation with NGOs

National Foundation for Civil Society Development

European Economic Area (EEA)/Norway Grants