Frequently asked questions

What does Gong do when elections aren't taking place?

Gong focuses its activities on other areas of activity. Gong conducts activities in four programs: The Electoral System, Good Governance, Active Citizens and Civil Society, and Croatia and the EU.

What guarantees Gong's independence?

Gong's financial independence and stability is ensured by a diversification of funding sources so that implementation of projects and programs is financed through pre-accession funds, international private foundations and lottery in Croatia, with a growth of the income through self-financing. Like other CSO's, Gong drafts projects and programs, enlisting them to tenders and public calls by international institutions (European Commission, for instance), foreign investors (Open Society, embassies) as well as domestic investors (businesses, local government, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ministries).

No one has ever stipulated or suggested to us what to do, because we wouldn't allow it. It is in our interest to get funding’, but it is also in the investors' interest to see their donation used transparently, and used in activities that result in pride-taking consequences. See more on our Annual Reports, financing included.  

How is a non-governmental organization financed by the Government?

The level of democracy in a country is also measured by how much the state itself recognizes and supports the work of civil society organizations that are very often a corrective to the government. In plain language, this means that the government is providing funding also for those who criticize it. Furthermore, the term "non-governmental" does not define an association based on its financing, but on its establishment - not established by a government, but by citizens.

During 2014. Gong has contracted from the state budget 320,000.00 HRK for the execution of the project activities to be carried out during 2015 and funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Funds received from the state sudget are about three times smaller than the ones Gong paid to the state budget.

At the same time, Gong paid to the state sudget of the Republic of Croatia various contributions, tax and surtax in total 1,072,346.69 HRK.

What are the salaries at Gong?

The average net salary in Gong during 2014. was in line with the average salary in Zagreb and was 6.184,87 HRK an average for 16 employees and all of them have university degrees.

How can I contribute? 

Instead of being followers, citizens, who wish to be politically active, are to be appropriately informed with complete and accurate information. So, share information!

To make sure your voice is heard, you can contribute to Gong by reading, commenting, spreading news, open letters etc. on its websites, as well as social networks (Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook). Furthermore, for active engagement we urge you to actively monitor and participate in consultations with public bodies – the list is available here.

Come fall of each year, Gong announces an Internship program for final-year graduates of social faculties, in order to get closer to, and actively participate in, Gongs activities. In their time of need, Gong expresses their need of volunteers, and as far as the membership goes, we urge you to consult the Statute. (articles 13 – 19).