Educational Centre

Based on the many years of experience in working on the topics of public policies, elections and other forms of civic participation, Gong has developed a range of informal educational programs for citizens, especially for youth and those working with youth, in cooperation with topic experts and its associates.

Responsible, informed and active citizens are the foundation of democracy, and therefore Gong organizes a series of educational activities for civil society and interested citizens covering the topics of: elections and other forms of civic political participation, public policies, public advocacy, access to information.

In addition to the programs for developing political literacy, media literacy programs, media system understanding, response to issues in the media, discriminatory speech, and hate speech have been developed. The long-term goal of Gong is to provide additional opportunities for anyone interested in additional informal lifelong learning programs.

If you are interested in participating in our educational activities, you can email us at 

You can follow information about Gong's educational activities through this link.

Gong is a Knowledge Center in the field of civic activism and the building of democratic institutions of society within the framework of the Development Cooperation with the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.