Research Centre

Making decisions and policies based on analysis, argumentation and insights is what GONG considers to be the key tools for a higher level of specific public policies quality, and higher level of engaging interested public in policy-making processes. Since the existing level of democratic culture, regarding decision-making processes in Croatia, requires significant improvements in the form of necessary change in management culture, Research Centre uses existing formal consultation mechanisms for the realization of their research and GONG’s advocacy goals.s

Under the motto of „what seems approximate, with us becomes verified“, GONG's Research Centre, both independently and in cooperation with outer associates, analyzes the context, legal and institutional framework and decision-making processes within public policies in GONG's frame of interest: anti-corruption policy (including right to access information and conflict of interest), policy of protection civil and political rights, reformation of public administration, transparency and openness of public institutions, as well as educating citizens in democracy. Results of such analyses are used to back up advocating activities of GONG and collaborating organizations.