Educational Centre

The results of GONG’s study of Croatian high school students’ political literacy “Are schools raising good citizens?” show high level of ignorance about basic political concepts and a large deviation from the norms in a democratic political culture. GONG has over the years developed its educational activities from the belief that not only young people, but all citizens should acquire the knowledge and develop specific competencies to be able to critically think and act in shaping the changes that are happening in their community and country, GONG has over the years developed its educational activities.

From many years of experience in dealing with issues of public policy and civic participation, informal educational programs have been developed. Those programs, designed for citizens civil and political literacy are conducted by GONG’s Education Centre.

In addition to finding appropriate solutions to the deficiency in young people’s formal educational system, the long-term goal of GONG's Education Centre is to provide all citizens with an additional mechanism for informal lifelong learning about political literacy and democratic participation, and to encourage the development of civic competence and participation.

Citizen education
Youth education
Education and support for civil society initiatives and organizations
Training sessions for public servants